Blogging, Is It Ideal and Helpful For My Business

The inquisitive mind of an average business person churns out myriads of questions. One such question is this: Is blogging ideal for my business? This question is not only important but it is also basic. The notion that all things apply to all kinds of businesses is an archaic concept; a concept that is passé in the fast moving world of the internet.

Is blogging ideal for all kinds of businesses? The answer is both a yes and a no, depending the particular perspective. Is blogging ideal for your business? It all depends on a certain fundamental criteria. So, blogging is ideal for your business, if

Blogging, Is It Ideal and Helpful For My Business

1. You Prefer A Web Based Strategy

Business strategy has its roots in military strategy. And one essential in military strategy is speed. If you prefer to use speed and prefer a web based strategy then blogging is for you. The blog, being powered by the web puts you into a breakneck strategic speed with little or minimal effort.

2. You Prefer An Alternative Business Relationship.

While relationships are very important in the business setting, blogging offers a different kind of business relationship. If you prefer an alternative business relationship, then blogging is ideal for you. Business relationships can still be developed and nurtured in the blog but it is something alternative: a combination of personal and not-so-personal kind of relationship.

3. You Prefer Not Only To Promote But To Share.

Your business needs promotion. If you do not stop merely at promotion but move on to the next level, that of sharing, then blogging is for you. While promotion essentially involves presenting your product or service to prospects, sharing involves the next level, telling your prospect and visitors not only the benefits but even the limitations of your product or service.

4. You Prefer Collaboration to Competition.

The web is a community and the blog is also a community. In a community, going with the flow allows you to move ahead and not stagnate. When you go against the flow by insisting on a competition founded strategy, you run the risk of stagnation. If collaboration appeals to you more than competition, the blog is the ideal tool for your business.

5. You Prefer Growth Through Branding.

Growth is the goal of any kind of business. However, there are several kinds of growth: customer growth, sales growth, etc. If you prefer growth through branding your product or service, the blog is again the ideal candidate. The blog allows for a slow, steady growth. But in certain cases, the blog allows for a phenomenal growth is a short time-span.

Is blogging ideal for your business? Your preference will guide you. Your preference to speed strategy, alternative relationship, sharing, collaboration and growth through branding all point to blogging as ideal for your particular business.

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  1. I know that blogging has been a great way for my business to communicate with our customers. It gives them the opportunity to hear about what we are doing right from the horses mouth and gives them to an opportunity to have a dialogue from us. I think for our business it has helped us and our customers out.

  2. Every business needs a proper marketing strategy for success. Without marketing a business cannot get success. No doubt blogging is a good way of marketing as blogging will allow you to communicate with different people and get to know more about your product or service. More interaction will ultimately lead you towards promotion and growth of your business.

    Thanks for sharing.

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