Get Benefit for Blog SEO with DoFollow Comments WordPress Plugin

The main advantage of making your blog do follow is that your commentators get motivated towards commenting on your blog for better Google page rank. So the main question here is how do one make WordPress comment do follow and the solution is DoFollow Comments plugin.

Dofollow blogs can attract more loyal visitors to your website, especially if it is relatively new. If someone adds relevant content to my website that adds value, I owe it to them to dofollow their comment.

As long as the destination website is also relevant to my blog and adds value to my visitors following it.

Get Benefit for Blog SEO with DoFollow Comments WordPress Plugin

Making your WordPress comments do follow is like rewarding your visitors who spend their precious time to comment on your blog and at the same time you provide link juice to commentators too.

It will disable the automatic rel=”nofollow” attributes added to external links. You may want to do this if you have good spam filtering for your comments, or if your blog is moderated.

Optionally you can also set a comment age limit for adding the attributes, or have them removed differently from comments left by registered users and other visitors.

Recent changes made public by Matt Cutts in the way Google handles PageRank have added another advantage to having a dofollow blog.

Page Rank Sculpting, which involves nofollowing comments for the purpose of directing link authority, has been revealed as ineffective for about a year so far.

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  1. Loudable says:

    I have this in our blog and no doubt this is one of the best plugins….You have explained it in a nice way….

  2. I also use this plugin.It is an awesome way to reward our commentators by providing backlinks.Keep it up.

  3. Bilal Ahmad says:

    It is good for small blogs, but large blogs can’t mange it. Chances are that spammer will include the blog in there list.

  4. Gojeg says:

    Do follow is good for our reader, but we can lost too much link juice. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. It good to see many blogs becoming dofollow . Even my blog is dofollow ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. This plugin is so beneficial. We need a list of everyone who provides this service. Or everyone who does it should be paid something like 1 cent for every response they get, and turn it into a professional service, to keep out those who abuse the service world wide, and to stop people taking advtange and ruining it for the rest of us.

  7. wordpress says:

    great plugin indeed. Also nice to see that dofollow is coming much more popular these days than few months/year ago !

  8. paul says:

    does anybody know the date SEO netlinks is coming out? i heard it’s an amazing way to generate tons of traffic

  9. may i know how to plugin dofollow in wordpress ?

  10. classifieds says:

    It is good for small blogs, but large blogs canโ€™t mange it. Chances are that spammer will include the blog in there list.

  11. Rimi says:

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  12. Good work putting the word out that PR sculping has no positive effect. Too many SEO’s try to charge a hand and a leg for what are ultimately ineffective services.

  13. This all seems good, this bolg DoFollow Comments should share thanks

  14. friv says:

    answer is not really required ….
    Thank you for sharing code! This can be a great help to those who are looking to follow the blog. And of course we should also remember that whenever our opinion it must be relevant to the topic so that it will be approved by admin. Anyway, this is great! hope you can post to the technique more just like this. thank you list this blog

  15. samuel_i2s says:

    Its a Nice post! Thanks For Sharing

  16. Nice plugin thanks for sharing with us.

  17. aartirai says:

    The Ultimate DoFollow Blog gives a good idea I like it

  18. Ankit says:

    Some time back my blog was also a dofollow…The problem with dofollow blogs is that spammers will be always eyeing for such blogs!!

  19. friv says:

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  20. Friv says:

    Thank you for your plugin ! I believe that this plugin will make my website rank better ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. great plugin, i like this

  22. This is a great idea. We have a lot of trouble encouraging our visitors to comment due to the nature of our content. Hopefully this will help us get a few more.

  23. but there are no dofollow blogs ๐Ÿ™‚ all are nofollow.

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