Basic and Expert of SEO Tips, Optimize Your Site Content

Once a spider dispatched by a search engine reaches a web page, it looks at certain elements. First, it looks at the URL. Then it records the title of the site. After that, it analyzes the meta tag. This is the brief description of the site that follows the title on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Both the title and the description meta tag are included in the initial, or head, portion of the source code.

When writing titles, you should focus on using strong keyword targets. Remember, the reader (the human one, that is, not the search engine spider) will see the site’s title on the SERP. So you don’t want to put too many keyword phrases in the title. Instead, use the very strongest keywords, the ones that are most descriptive of the page’s topic.

Basic and Expert of SEO Tips, Optimize Your Site Content

The meta tag has some importance, too. The search engine uses it to collect information about the page’s theme or topic. Write descriptions in a few complete sentences and weave in strong keyword phrases. The search engine will generally feature the description in the search results.

But the experts recommend that you shouldn’t spend too much time and effort on the meta tags. Over the years, webmasters have abused them, so search engines don’t place a lot of weight on them.

Therefore, the key to Search Engine Optimization is to provide Good Content. Remember, when spiders begin to read the site’s content, they do it just the way you read a newspaper – beginning at the top left corner and proceeding left to right. While there are some SEO tips which wont sink your site. And if you are on wordpress, then you might consider plugins to optimize Blog SEO.

The fact that spiders read 100 per cent of body text is a key rule of SEO. This means that you want to provide the spider with the simplest format for it to read – body text. This can usually be built into the site without impacting the web designer’s intended functionality, feel and look. Even though some spiders can strip link and text content from Flash files, basic body text is the best way to feed them information.

When it comes to content, remember to keep it simple and to use the strongest keyword targets early in the copy. Weave keyword phases throughout the text, but don’t fall victim to the mistake of using unnecessary keyword repetitions (known as word stuffing). Search engines read this as spam. While there are some easy SEO tips to reach to top as well to follow which will surely lead to a successful website.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Title, okay. But I have never understood the importance of labels, are they significant?
    And I have also heard that grammatically well written articles are indexed better.

  2. Great article, no doubt it contributed to hip hop jewelry wholesale remarkably

  3. altap says:

    How about tags? are they the same as keywords? I don’t get much about this thing. Hope you will expound more on this area.

  4. Dan says:

    Content may be king, but the kingdom is made out of keywords. So stuffing the text is not ok, but we should select a series of important keywords which we should highlight along the text.

  5. Mika Castro says:

    What is the difference between Meta tag and Good content?

  6. Crunchynow says:

    Tags are nothing but your keywords within your site. But keywords represents the actual keywords which will be applicable inside as well as outside the website for search engine.

  7. Crunchynow says:

    meta tags is the way to tell Google bot that you have a website niche with some keywords. While Good Content is what actually will make your website to reach at the top even if meta tags are not upto the mark.

  8. You are right, content IS the king of the web, but using the right meta tags can help the search engines to organize it wiser.

  9. Mika Castro says:

    Thanks for responding Crunchy now! I really appreciate your help about seo tips. Honestly, i am new in this business.

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