Automatic Blog Posts with WP Robot WordPress Plugin

WP Robot is a new and powerful autoblog plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily build a completely automated WordPress blog with tons of diverse and easily monetized content with the keywords you want to target in your niche market.

The Most recent version, WP Robot 3 has been released on May-11-2010 with amazing new features. This gives the possibility to mix content from all modules together into posts, a new templating system and many new settings mean you can almost do anything!

This autoblogging plugin is a WordPress plugin that’s actually designed to work. The premise of the WP Robot plugin is simple: Autoposting to WordPress is accomplished through a series of user-defined autopost or autoblog campaigns. Just sit down and think about how you’d conduct your WordPress blogging, if you had the time – then set up this powerful autoblogging software to create autoblogs for you.

WP Robot is easy to install. You download the file, unzip it, and FTP it over to your plugin folder on your hosting account. Then you go in and just do some basic settings.

It’ll give you a link to apply to this special Amazon program that works with this kind of stuff. It’s fast – a few seconds and you’re approved and you have your key, etc.

Then you basically give it a keyword and you schedule posts (or you can post on demand). So for instance, I chose the keyword jewelry. I did a post on demand and what it does it post a blog post on my blog with the title as the name of the product.

It includes the image, it links back using MY Amazon Associates ID and it gives a short article using content from the Amazon page (allowed by Amazon).

This is another cool thing, it pulls the reviews and turns THOSE into comments. Awesome! So people see the reviews right on your blog.

Here are some of its benefits:

There are many key benefits associated with the WP Robot WordPress plugin.

A Broad Array of WordPress Templates – Your autoblogging will look a lot more natural when you mix and match the templates that are used. This first-rate autoblogging software allows you to use several different WP autoblog templates. Nobody will be able to tell that you are using an autopost or autoposting program.

Targeted Blog Posts – The key to creating a successful autoblog involves keyword density. This WordPress plugin and autoblogging plugin allows you to generate autopost after autopost of keyword-rich content. With the click of a button, you can create autoblogs that get you results.

Tag Generation – Tags and blogging go hand in hand, especially when you create autoblogs. This WP autoblog program and plugin handles the work for you. You can set up autoposting within this WordPress plugin that includes tags, which will save you time.

Rewrite or Translate Any Autoblog – You can use the WP Robot autoblogging plugin and WordPress plugin to create autoblogs based on the content that you provide. This autoblogging plugin and autoblogging software can automatically translate or rewrite an autopost for you, saving you valuable blogging hours.

Replace and Exclude Functionality – The WP Robot WP autoblog program allows you to replace one keyword with another within an autopost. It also allows you to exclude certain keywords from appears in your autoblog altogether. Your autopost and autoposting experience will be a lot more seamless with this autoblog plugin.

A Wide Range of Autoblog Modules – When you autopost, this autoblog plugin does not limit you to a single module. Currently, there are 15 modules for the WP Robot autoblogging software; more are in the works for the plugin, and they are sure to make it even easier to create autoblogs.

Randomized Post Times and Backdating – With this intuitive autoblogging software and WordPress plugin, you can randomize post times and dates to replicate a natural blogging experience. This autoblogging plugin and WP autoblog plugin also allows you to backdate an autopost, making your WordPress autoblog seem older and more trustworthy.

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  1. synergist says:

    The Features of WP ROBOT

    WP Robot is a complex autoblogging solution that offers a wide range of features and nearly unlimited possibilities. While complex the plugin is still easy to use because of its logical structure and instant help boxes in the admin menu. Below you will find an overview over the most important features. Please note this is only what the WP Robot Core has to offer. Each module will add its own set of unique features and settings! The WP Robot Full Version includes all modules and features!

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  3. Loni Laredo says:

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