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Top 7 best ways to speed up any WordPress Blog/website

Have you been wondering why all of a sudden that your internet has slowed down, especially affecting your blog loading speed? Probably, you might have made a wrong guess, the problem may not be actually with the internet connection, but is probably with the loading speed of your website. This should naturally lead us to […]

4 Popular Best Blog Marketing Online Techniques

When it comes about blogging the first of all we get in our mind is updating it with different posts daily so that we can woo the readers and make them to visit our blog by and then. But just writing the post andĀ forgettingĀ it later will not help one to survive in blogging field. If […]

5 Link Building Practices That Won’t Sink Your Site

Link building is one of the cornerstone steps of good SEO. For those not in the know, link building is basically the process of getting other sites to link back to your site. However, doing a “link exchange” is worthless in terms of SEO. Ideally, you want to have reputable sites citing your content on […]

Effective Use of Commenting Feature in Blogs For Authors

Commenting is the good feature provided in the WordPress as well as Blogger platform. It has the power to increase the popularity of the article via effective commenting and arguments with the author of the article. Here, the commenter gets the benefit as well as the author. The real good and constructed comments are the […]

Giveaway BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate Premium License worth $29.95

Crunchynow has been providing you some valuable information on Blogging stuffs, WordPress tutorials, blogspot tutorials, Search Engine optimization. We have been continuously working on to get better and better each day. Today we have got an awesome giveaway for all our readers. The giveawy is BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate which is worth $29.95 but we […]

5 Security Plugins Make Your WordPress Blog Hack-Proof

WordPress is one of the best content management system which is first choice of many bloggers as the platform for their blog. It is also used for designing websites and e-commerce sites. More famous your blog or site is more the hackers will try to hack it. If you want to prevent your wordpress site […]