How to attach Yahoo media player to blogspot blog

There are lot of media player available in the market, upon which we choose to prefer Yahoo Media Player, its just because its one of the easiest way to play audio files from your website. Embedding of the script for yahoo media player is very easy. Also the main advantage of this player is that it takes very less time to load.

Below is a tutorials on how to attach yahoo media player to the blog, so that our favorite song can be played always.

How to attach Yahoo media player to blogspot blog

  • Login to your blogspot Blog.
  • Turn on to dashboard –> Design –> Edit HTML
  • Press CTRL + F and search for </head> tag
  • Copy the following code and paste it just before the </Head> tag

<script type=”text/JavaScript” src=””></script>

  • Save your Template.
  • Now go to Design –> page Elements
  • Click on “Add a Gadget”
  • Add a ‘HTML/JavaScript’ widget and add the code given below

<a href=”URl-of-url-MP3-file”>Name-Of-the-Mp3-File</a>

  • Save the template.


Replace “URl-of-url-MP3-file” with your .mp3 file URL.
Replace “Name-Of-the-Mp3-File” with any name of your MP3 file.

Its done. Now you can attach Yahoo media player in your blog. Do comment on this article about your views. Subscribe to our Email Subscription for the latest news about this Blog.

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