How and Why using Articles for SEO gives out Better Results

There are many reasons for writing articles for SEO purposes. The main reason is generating several back links for the blog post and website. This strategy of creating articles for back linking is a long term one. A lot of traffic can be generated to the website from people who read the articles and visit the website for some additional information.

The traffic is very substantial if the article has the capability of attracting a number of people. There may also be a single person who would be interested in reprinting your article on his website.

How and Why using Articles for SEO gives out Better Results

The value of back linking is very essential for a long run. The article will be carried by many article directories and a back link will be generated to the website. This will help in raising the ranking of the website on various search engines. There are many article submission services as well which help in posting the articles on various article directories. There are several article directories which have moderate page rank status. Some of them have a high page rank status as well. These links are very valuable.

If the article is good, then it is reprinted on various other Ezines and blogs as well. Thus, writing articles for SEO will really pay off. Whether a person posts the articles on many or few directories, the goal should be to set up many Ezines and blogs for posting the articles. Thus, one should write on such topics which will interest the people to read.

People browse the internet for finding the information very frequently. A person may also be interested for selling these as part of the business. For example if a person is a contractor for remodeling the bathrooms, he should write articles on topics like types of barrier tubs etc. This will surely be appreciated by the bloggers and editors who wish to reprint the articles. If the market is local, there will be more global interest in the topic. One can also get reprints from bloggers across the globe.

The standing will be surely raised in various search engines and this can also help in getting some good back links.

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  1. Mohd Akbar says:

    This may be a excellent study in my experience. Need to recognize for which you actually are among the best writer I ever noticed. Thanks for posting this helpful post.

  2. mardile says:

    Reading this post makes me realize that there is no overnight success to online marketing. It needs creativity, follow up and a lot of reading of which is more effective to do to generate income. Just take for example your post. One need to write a strong SEO article to generate back link, but one should know many factors first before making a strong article. There is really so much to put into consideration. But if you really are determined to make it in this business, you need to put into your heart and mind this kind of business.

  3. Dave says:

    Article and SEO is a very effective tools and you made it very nicely as now I strongly got so many tips from your article as how to use article marketing for seo
    Thanks a bunch

  4. Sagar says:

    Nice post

    Content is the king in internet marketing. It is through plain text that customers could understand about the product and services provide by any website. So using article for SEO gives us great results by providing high quality back links and also a lot of traffic .

    Thank you for sharing

  5. Caleb says:

    Nice write-up. In my own opinion, i think the major thing that can be use to push up sites ranking and SEO from beginner to ultimate is quality content. With this backlinks will auto follow, just a summarize version of your post. Couldn’t agree better.

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