Akismet (Anti-Spam) Plugin for wordpress Review

Akismet is the de facto standard in spam prevention. It’s easy to set up, included with WordPress by default and is all that’s needed for many blogs. There’s also the fact that with high traffic it may not be enough protection (but no single plugin meets that qualification).

This wordpress plugin you must switch on, because with this plugin can save your blog from SPAM comments. Comment SPAM is usually done by people using the robot program is considered by Akismet, so the comments are not appropriate for your blog will be blocked by this plugin.

To activate this plugin you must have the API code. API code can easily be found, to get the API code, you must register at wordpress.com. Download Akismet here.

If you do not already have an account on wordpress.com, please register at wordpress and create a free blog. Then you go to WordPress.com dashboard and see your profile, or it could be on the menu “edit profile”.

There would appear API code that you can use to activate Akismet plugin, this API code can also be used for your other blogs. here’s how the customizing windows looks like

Akismet (Anti-Spam) Plungin for wordpress ReviewDownload Akismet

Be sure to keep an eye on the spam box though, with all of these solutions, because like all spam prevention solutions, this occasionally marks a good post as spam.

Love Akismet? Hate Akismet? Couldn’t live without Askimet? Let me know what you think! How are you fighting the war on spam? Are you managing to keep your friendly commentors rescued from the spam folder on a regular basis?  Are you winning?

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  1. I own a computer based business and use
    Anti Spam
    for our security needs. The program is easy to use
    and has become a valuable asset to my company.

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