Advertisement management with BittAds WordPress Plugin Review

This plugin is used to Integrate BittAds into blog. It automatically embeds tags and enables you to make regular content into targeted ads.

BittAds is a solution for website owners and online ad agencies that need advanced, but easy to use advertisement management software. You can serve up to 25 million ads per month for free.

Using WordPress and want to enjoy the features of BittAds in your blog? BittAds for WordPress is a convenient plugin that makes integration a matter of minutes. You can also view our plugin page at the website.

Advertisement management with BittAds WordPress Plugin

It also includes the following features:

  • Automatically tags your pages with the BittAds code
  • Tags linked to your WordPress posts can directly be used for keyword targetting in BittAds
  • Place Bitt Ads widgets to display your ads
  • Posts bitt location is named by the post category. Page bitt location is named after the page title.
  • Add multiple Bittads widgets to your sidebar.

It is now possible, again under “targeting options”, to specify that an ad should only be shown X times per day, across all users.

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  1. Navjot Singh says:

    Nice plugin very helpful for bloggers , will try it out 🙂
    Nice Post.

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