How to Add Subscription Box to your Blogspot Blog

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Note that to add a Feedburner Subscription Box, first its prior important you Burn your Feed from Create Feedburner Feed for your Blog

Once you have activated  the email subscription option.

If you are a Blogspot User then, just what you need to do is to copy the code from “Email Subscription” and just create a add a widget of Blank HTML and then just paste the code into that widget. Name your widget as “SUBSCRIBE via E-MAIL” or anything else of that kind. This is an example of one of my friend Subscription box.

How to Add Subscription Box to your Blogspot Blog

Congratulations, you have successfully added the subscription box to your Blogspot blog. We hope you liked this article. happy subscribing. Subscribe to our latest RSS Feeds for more news, do comments about your view on this article.

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    Short and nice article to learn how to add subscription box to blog. Thank you.

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