8 Things enable google to detects invalid clicks in Adsense

As all are aware that Google doesn’t permits  fraudulent clicks. As everyone knows that clicking on own adsense ads is fraud. But how does google get to know all about this?

Well Google follow simple and clean steps to detect fraud clicks. Once they detect any fraud click they immediately flag your account and Google will keep a closer eye to your account. We are providing you the following 8 crucial methods that enable google to check fraudulent clicks.

Google AdSense is a free program that enables website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads and earn. Lets check out the methods:

8 Things enable google to detects invalid clicks in Adsense

1. IP Address – Firstly Google detect the IP address from which it received the click.

2. Location – Google has powerful tools to detect Geological Locations from which click has been received.

3. Click Through Rate – Normally, Click through rate should not exceeds above 10%, otherwise Google will flag the account as fraud. Normal Click through rate is 0.5% – 10%.

4. Cookies – Google sets cookies on your computer, that can trace even you restart your connection.

5. Search Engine Ranking – Google also detects your website or blog search engine ranking do detect consistently traffic.

6. Advertisers Conversion Rate – Ad click is one thing. But does it bring value to the advertisers? If none of the clicks on your site translate to conversion to the advertiser, you are in trouble. First the Smart-Pricing hits, then your AdSense account disabled.

7. Webpage design – Google also detect the design of your website or blog, to know how you are getting clicks.

8. Other Google Services – As you know Google also provide series of services like Google Earth, Google Calendar, Google Toolbar, Google Search, Blogger, Google Desktop. These services can also provide necessary information about you to Google.

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  1. Nice share , i will try to see all these points . i got banned one time from adsense . Hope all will go well now

  2. Advertisers Conversion Rate=
    how is this related because it depends on the customer and what type of as the advertiser provides, we are human we will not register until we like

    Can u explain what is Click Through Rate ?

  3. TechChunks says:

    9th Thing – Do not be a stupid and never click on your own ads and never ask others to click your ads. This is a sure fire way to get yourself banned from Adsense 🙂

  4. Cyril says:

    10th dont be visiting your adsense account very often else google will have a suspision. U can visit your account like 3-4 times a month

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