7 On Page Site SEO Tips for Bloggers

To say things straight that the various factors of search engine optimization are grouped into two, On Page and Off Page search engine factors. On Page SEO factors are those that are the internal aspects of your webpage or blog and you will be having the full control to make your web page or blog SEO friendly. Off Page is how you optimize your blog using various other ways not altering anything in the blog.

Discussed here are eight good and incredible tips for improving your blog search engine friendly by adopting few on page SEO tips.

7 On Page Site SEO Tips for Bloggers


1. Include keywords in the domain name:

You decide the domain name and therefore it is good that you include the relevant keywords in the domain name itself. This way you will find that the search engine crawlers are happy to fetch your blog results. The domain name should contain the main keyword phrase, if not it must be closely related. Take some time before you register your domain and as this once done cannot be changed and are going to reflect for the rest of your blogging experience.

2. Optimize the keywords in the title tag:

The title page or the title tag of the web page is one the most important search engine ranking factor that you could not neglect. To be simple, this is the same as the text between the HTML tags <title> and </title> tags in the header and will therefore be the same as your headline of your pages. Thought Title tag is not considered much in ranking, it is advised to make the tags SEO friendly.

3. Write great headlines:

When you are formulating your headline it is necessary that you need to spend some additional time to write efficient headline tags, as this will be the main the headline for blog post. It is necessary that you need to introduce the relevant keywords in the headlines to encourage better search engine optimization. Always use <h1> tags for headlines.

4. Keywords use in the content:

When you are writing the content of a web page or a blog post, try your best to use the most relevant or the primary keyword within the first and the concluding paragraph without fail. This is necessary to see that all the relevant keywords or the alternatives of the related keywords spreads throughout the entire content and makes their appearance as many times as possible.

5. Keyword density:

It is necessary that you maintain an optimal keyword density and is not over done or is hardly given any importance. When you are writing the content of the page, decide on the keyword density of all the relevant keywords and make sure all appears naturally within the content and that you do not make sentences or fillers for the purpose of keyword density. The Google bots can identify fillers and this will drastically affect your ranking in the search engines. Make sure the keyword % is not above 3.

6. Images:

The use of the images is compulsory as images speaks for themselves and you will find that using appropriate images will aid in driving the traffic to your website, and will force the readers to look at your images. Some of the other things that you can do more with your images are by introducing alt text, which works as an alternative text when the images cannot be displayed. This will give a big boost for your images in the search engines for the keywords used.

7. Outbound links:

Resources that you link out must also be search engine optimized to make your web page and blog post much more on page SEO optimized. This means you will use or tag the relevant keywords for better increment in the search engine ranking.

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