7 Killer tips to generate business leads from your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn, as I believe is the most underrated or the most overrated B2B networking website. It is underrated in the sense that people are not much aware of its immense possibility as a viable lead generation tool and it is overrated in the sense that a significant number of people treat it as another social media platform, if not an ideal platform for landing a job.

However, everyone from the boy next door to girl sitting right next to you seems know a thing or two about LinkedIn thanks to its recent IPO debut. It is good that so many people are aware of LinkedIn but the problem is that not many business owners are aware of its immense possibility as a lead generator. Here we are going to share some tips that may prove high effective to make the most of this powerful B2B network.

7 Killer tips to generate business leads from your LinkedIn profile

Your profile is the very first thing that a prospective client will see. So you need to try every possible measure to have a killer profile and it is not that tough. All you need to do is to master some tools provided by the B2B network itself.

1. Do Not be Creative with your Picture

People do not like to work with a non-entity person. The same rule is application to LinkedIn profile. If you want to get some business queries, you should stop being creative with the profile picture. Your profile picture should be clear and your face should be easily recognizable. No need to add bells and whistles, just make sure that your face is taking as much space in the given area as possible.

2. Killer Headline: Catchy headline always works

‘I am loving it’, you cannot even separate McDonald from this catchy line. However, you do not have to reinvent the wheels to have a great headline. It just needs a great brainstorming session and that’s all. But you should not come up with something that is hard to understand. People are getting bombarded with ads all the time so, the best thing you can try is to make them a reason to smile by coming up with some great headline that make your prospective clients take notice and say Wow.

3. Do Not Boring

We all need jobs and this is fine with everyone but do not make it obvious all time and the same hold true for LinkedIn profile as well. The biggest mistakes people made while updating their profile in LinkedIn is that they intentionally skip on personal details. This is boring to death. Try to add some extra curricular activities to make the profile look nice and interesting.

4. Get Connected

The mantra of getting leads from this powerful B2B website is to get connected to as many people as possible. But hold on, I am not asking you adding people randomly or going against the guidelines. Add only those people who can add value to your profile otherwise, it will be just wastage of time and effort. The general rule of thumb is that you should ask yourself whether you would like to take up phone calls or receive emails from this person, if you are feeling uncomfortable, do not rush.

5. Go get some Fresh recommendation

Recommendation matter a lot in social networking. It invests your profile with glory of a different kind. However, do not play trick. You should not ask an average Joe to recommend you because people are quick enough to find that out. So the best thing you should do is to do some great work and people will automatically say good things about it. Give it a try.

6. Create Company page

LinkedIn has a provision to provide more details about your company to general users. You can create a company page and update this page with service and product. To get more recommendation, you can offer special offers. And of course do not forget to promote your company naturally by joining discussion and by using LinkedIn email and other tools.

7. Try The Tool Kit

Try to Member profile plugins to spice up your profile. If your company has a business blog, try Share on LinkedIn plugin. Try LinkedIn recommendation as it will have positive impacts on your website’s online visibility.

These are some tips that may or may not be effective depending on how you are supposed to use them.

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    Those are great tips to consider for businesses to enhance their benefits and to increase their income for sure. I will bookmark this one.

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