6 ways To Increase Reader and visitors On Your Blog

This is not enough, as a blogger, you would have realized by now that having more number of visitors alone. This is because, most of the visitors, who come to visit your page may leave to another website without staying on your website and reading, skimming and scanning more number of pages. This is called the bounce rate and the opposite of which, that is when more readers stays on your website to read more number of pages, then this is called readership.

The reason why you need increased readership, is because this is going to increase the number of page views, which is the ultimate aim. Discussed here are the six best ways to lower the bounce rate and increase the readership for your website.

6 ways To Increase Reader and visitors On Your Blog

1. Related posts

One of the best ways to increase the readership effortlessly is to install the plug in that will pull related posts from your older posts by providing your readers with more information of what they have been looking for. In other words, this plug in is an easy tool to get links of your older posts that has related information to the current and the newer post that you have published. One such best plug in is the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP), which does this job very well. This is one of the greatest ways to get your thoughts implemented well.

2. Internal Linking

This is one of the best ways to increase your readership. Here, you will be getting by linking to older and relevant content to your recent blogs, and this is known as internal linking. When you are doing internal linking see that you use appropriate tools or manually so that this is not overdone and is irritating to the readers. Try to be more rationale and logical while adopting the method of internal linking. You might want to read about Automatic Link Keyword

3. Popular posts

Since most of the readers visiting your website are readers from your niche area, if you could have a column on the website pulling out the most popular posts that had brought your higher readership running along the side bar on your website, then you will find yourself automatically increasing the readership. You may also go for Website noticed in Market

4. Update and follow up your topic

Updating and following up your blog post with more relevant and recent information will enhance the interest on your blog amongst the readers. Readers would like to know more about the blog topics that you write and would always love to keep them well informed of the latest advancements. So try to write something novel and that which is new in the market.

5. Switch to another topic when necessary

When you find that you are run out of information on the topic that you have been writing so long, switch to another topic that is more or less nearer to this topic. This is necessary that you can still make use of the older information or blog posts that you have written for back linking or internal linking, and drive your readers along with you into the new topic under discussion gradually. This will help you to retain your older readership and will bring in new readership. You can go ahead with Money from blogging

6. Fuel the interest of your readers

Some of the best ways to drive readers who are skimming and scanning your website is to use attractive words and titles that will keep them engaged. Write well and try to utilize all small details that will stir up curiosity in your readers, which will make them stay in your website. You might also consider Benefits of CMS Platform along with Improve Alexa ranking

All these ideas are simple, easy and realistic that is assured to deliver results of increased readership to your website!

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  1. Abby says:

    Internal linking and having a ‘Related Posts’ plugin/feature increases traffic within your site and makes your reader more engaged and find your site more interesting and useful.

  2. ashish says:

    Nice post Bro.. These are basic requirments or say checklist which one should always take care off but let me tell you one more thing.
    I have a post on my blog which is now ranked on top in Google and gets over 3000 visits per day but its bounce rate is 80% but this benefits me because people click on ads to bounce to other web pages so its like sometimes having high bounce rate helps as well.

  3. harshit says:

    thanks for this info dude

  4. Thanks for sharing the tips. I use Google Analytics to track down my bounce rate and related posts is really a good way to keep users engaged on our blog.

  5. Arun says:

    Better change the word “Reader” to “Readers”… And by the way, nice article!

  6. Samson says:

    Nice site with lots of useful information on blogging and SEO. Keep it up!

  7. Its a great infomation for all especially the newbies. I am gonna suggest this to my friends. Writing guest posts also increase visitors/readers to blogs, I beleive.:)

  8. Yes, these are valid points that will reduce the bounce rate. There are some other plugins like Better Related Post Plugin which could do the job too.

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