6 Tips for excellent WordPress Site/blog Hosting

Blogging is the buzz of the day in recent times when everyone is trying to prove their online presence everyone is in a race to start their own blogs. Although there are different platforms of blogging some like to blog on their own site with own domains, whereas some like to take help from the professional blogging platforms.

There are wide array of service providers where you can start blogging but it is always wise to start your own blog with own domain when you feel the traffic and visitors to your blogs is increasing day-by-day. WordPress has provided a great platform to universal bloggers with unique features and functionalities. Almost 202 million websites are empowered by WordPress, proving it to be the first choice of bloggers.

6 Tips for excellent WordPress Site/blog Hosting

When you select WordPress there are different ways to host your blog, either the blog is hosted on the main server of service provider otherwise, you can pay and use their servers to host your blogs. While taking the paid services from WordPress for blogging there are some of the main points, which have to be considered. You can also check out Top 10 Web Hosting Sites in the world

WordPress can also be used to design your own website apart from blogging hence web hosting for WordPress sites or blogs is an essential activity, which has to be selected with utmost care. Below are some awesome tips for finding the best wordpress hosting.

  • WordPress runs best on Linux, Apache, and My SQL web hosting configuration. To avoid any future issues related to incompatibility and plug-ins it is better advised to choose the best web-hosting configuration.
  • When you are finding a web hosting company for your WordPress site looks whether it supports latest PHP, least supports PHP 4.3, and it should support My SQL 4.1.2or greater.
  • The best way to find a right hosting company is to look for the mod_rewrite, which enables the Apache server.
  • There should be any file limitations and restrictions avoid all the companies which declares, “All scripts must use 755 file permission in order to execute them” which can give you a lot of trouble in installatio0n and WordPress upgrading process.
  • Always look for the paid WordPress hosting because of you are using free WordPress hosting services then there are chances that you might not be able to access all the functions of WordPress like fopen, fsockopen or others functions mostly required for some important plug-ins.
  • The last precaution that you have to take is to find a reliable web hosting company that has mod gzip and mod deflate enabled. These are very much important Apache modules helping you to compress web content for faster uploading of your WordPress sites.
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  1. waterpearls says:

    It is a nice and helpful post.Thanks for sharing tips for excellent wordpress site/blog hosting.You give a good point that we have to find a reliable web hosting company that has mod gzip and mod deflate enabled.

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    Great tips for a newbie buddy. Very helpful.

  3. Very useful tips for every bloggers. Thanks for sharing.

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    Very useful tips.. Thanks for share 🙂

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