6 Must Security tips to keep Gmail account Safe & Secure

You did sure to laugh at someone if they did ask what is Gmail? This is because Gmail has become so popular that even a layman knows what Gmail is and will be making use of the services provided by Google. This is because Gmail has turned out to be one of the most users friendly and is one of the best email services that are being used around the world.

The more popular is this email client, is also more prone for being hacked and this one main reason that you should know these 6 but simple and the most needed security tips to keep your account intact.

6 Must Security tips to keep Gmail account Safe & Secure

Use always https protocol

Google believes that the use of https protocol for accessing your email server is one of the best options that are available as of today. This is because the http with an “s” is much more secure than the http without an “s”. So never ever, forget to access your email without https. All you need to do is to make a small change to your settings in the Google account. The only thing that you need to do is to go to the General settings tab and enable “always use https” option.

Choose a unique security question

This is the second step of crossing your email security while hackers try to hack into your account. The best thing that you can do about this is to rack your brain into pieces and choose a creative question, which even no one familiar to you will be able to answer the question. Moreover, this is also recommended that you keep changing the secret security question, password recovery email and other password security options

Use strong password

While you create a new Google account or while you change password, there is a password strength checker to tell you how strong your password is. This is good enough that you at least make the use of this password checker and clear it to get a strong password. Yet another option of using a password checker is to use the Google tool password manager, which is a much more powerful tool in helping you to create strong passwords.

Check up your IP login session information regularly

With Gmail it is possible to find out whether your account has been compromised or not, for you will get to know the following information at the bottom of your Gmail account, the IP address of last login session, date and time of the last login that you had. Keep track of this if you are being suspicious about your login and then you will be able to find out with evidence that your account is being compromised for Google to help you effectively.

Back up your emails

It is a very simple process nothing but that you always back up your email, by creating another email account, in instances when your account is compromised then this is possible that you may lose some of the important emails. It is good to use a desktop client or another Gmail account or both to back up your emails.

Use key scramblers to protect key loggers

Keyloggers are like Trojan viruses that can get past the security to steal your personal information and you can safeguard your selves from such key loggers by using key scramblers to prevent and identify the key loggers.

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  1. I use strong password, which can’t be guessed. And I always use https options for almost every big websites and social media.

    Thanks for the information

  2. Lyka Ricks says:

    This is a Great information. Gmail is really user friendly but you should not be complacent as it is. Password checker somethings irritates you however it’s for your good, so you have to heed its advice.

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