6 excellent tips to choose perfect domain name

Choosing a domain name is going to do the greatest part for you in influencing the search engine ranking and increasing the website traffic to your site.

Choosing the domain name is essential because ideally your domain name is going to reflect your brand name, company name and your business name. So if you are going to choose one then you need to know about the following.

6 excellent tips to choose perfect domain name

Brainstorm Concepts

When you find that your business name cannot be used as such as your domain name, do the following. Brainstorm as many names as you want for your domain name before you choose one. Try to spell out short, catchy names with prefixes or suffixes to your desired business name. This way you will be able to build a list of interesting names to spread you business online.

Shorter Names

The thumb rule here is that you keep the domain name as short as you can and you will find yourself getting more traffic and visitors if you could do so. Despite the fact that many of the web hosting services offering you the choice of having a domain name with more than 7 character, the maximum being 64 characters, is is best to keep your domain name short as 10 characters .  This is to be the case for two good reasons: to make your domain name easy to remember and the second reason is to make it easy to type.

Easy to pronounce

When you are choosing a domain name make sure that for the sake of keeping them shorter, do not choose the one that does not convey the name of your business or which will not make any sense. This is because if you are going to use a tag to your business name, which is not making any sense or is not a common term in usage, then you will find yourself making it difficult to spell out the correct domain name which is one mode of spreading your online services via telephone or word of mouth. For example, your veggie shop could better have a “maxveggies” as the domain name, if “max” is not available for you.

Simple and Descriptive

Though many will like to have the domain name as only the name of the business firm, it is better to be descriptive about the services that you offer in the domain name itself and use simple English as in this case, “Kumaransilks” is a better option than “kumarandrapes”.

Domain Extensions

Though is recommended for everyone to choose the domain name that ends with the .dot com, it is wise to choose the appropriate extension and also to check for copyright infringement. If you are charitable trust or a group of companies then your domain extension will be .dot org, and .dot com is not preferable.

Check domain name

The best option is not to trust your only pair of eyes and ask as many people as possible in your firm to check and recheck for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes before registering and publishing your domain names. Better do not believe your eyes always!!

Thus you have here six important tips that you cannot leave unnoticed if you want to get your domain name correct. what are your views on these tips. Do comment on this article about your views. Subscribe to our Email Subscription for the latest news about this Blog.


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  1. Eric says:

    Right. To choose a perfect domain name is not easy. But the above mentioned tips can make it easy. Thanks.

  2. Rohit Batra says:

    finding out a perfect domain name is really a tough job as many times all your thought names are already booked then you need to start with some fresh ideas..

  3. Choosing the perfect domain name for a blog or business has always been a riddle for me. Now, I have to decide which will I put more stress in – a URL which is more favorable on SEO or a name which is short, unique and direct to the point. Thanks for the wonderful tips 🙂

  4. Clare says:

    Great tips! It’s really important to choose the right domain and easy to remember
    of the reader. . thanks for sharing your insights.

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