6 Best & Excellent Plugins for Thesis Theme

Today we are gonna write about some Excellent wordpress plugins for Thesis theme. Thesis theme has become so popular these days, it offers many customization also with respect to all kinds including for headers and footer. If you still haven’t got thesis, then Get Thesis.

It actually took time to search through thousands of WordPress plugins that are out there and finding ones that are suitable for you can be time consuming.

In this post we are looking forward to provide you information about the best thesis theme plugins available. This list is also important because after purchasing thesis theme, everyone would go for customization and this list is surely gonna help them all. we are sure these plugins are must for every blog and we are looking forward to hear your comments.

6 Best & Excellent Plugins for Thesis Theme

Thesis Style Box

Thesis Style Box is a WordPress plugin which has been designed in keeping various variations and design part for blog, using which you can make Styled Note box, Alert box, Help box, Tip Box. This Plugin is released for making use of the custom styles available through the code.

Thesis Sidebar Teasers

Thesis Sidebar Teasers is designed as a useful and easy to use plugin which allows you to insert Thesis Teasers inside a sidebar. It’s currently very simple and you’ll need to update the styles to make it look good.

Thesis Import/Export

Once i posted an article about thesis, my readers asked me a question that, Is there any way through which they can export or imports their theme settings.

Thesis Open Hook

Thesis OpenHook takes the process of modifying Thesis and simplifies it. It also enables you to make use of Thesis hooks without needing to know how to write PHP.

Thesis Settings Export

Thesis Settings Export is a plugin which will export all the customized settings in a file. This plugin will allow you to make your settings stored in a file as a backup, so that you can use it anywhere in any blog.

Thesis Footer Tool

Thesis Footer Tool allows you to add content and code to your footer through a simple to use back-end management screen. With this plugin, You can now put your affiliate link instead of the default thesis link.

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  1. Lalit says:

    I guess every Thesis user should necessarily have thesis Open hook. It is the best plugin to insert codes anywhere in the theme 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  2. Unwired Tech says:

    I am new to thesis and this plugins save me from mess…

    Unwired Tech

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