5 uniques ways to Increase Click-Through Rate (CTR)

CTR has always been an important factor for all people. One major component in factoring Quality Score is your ad’s click-through-rate or a metric that judges its ability to generate a high number of click-throughs relative to the number of impressions incurred.

There are other possible ways also to get a high CTR rate, but these are some of the unique things, which you will surely like.

There are a number of unique action items that can significantly increase your click-through-rate or “CTR” over time. We have brought a list of 5 among them to increase your CTR.

5 uniques ways to Increase Click-Through Rate (CTR)

1) Use Campaign Keywords in Ad copy

Including campaign keywords in your title and/or in a description line can significantly increase your CTR. When keywords are present in ad copy, Google will bold the keywords. This in turn increases the perception of the ad’s relevance to the keyword searched and helps attract the user’s attention.  Clickable’s ActEngine offers users recommendations to include campaign keywords in their ad copy when there is opportunity to do so.

2) Use a Price and Call to Action in Your Ad Copy

Including a price will help filter window shoppers vs. searchers more likely to make a purchase.  Also, the use of a call to action such as, “Buy Now” or “Call Today” can help draw a searcher’s attention.

3) Use Keywords in Your Display URL

For some advertisers this is not an issue, for example I sell “crunchynow” and my domain is crunchynow.com – the domain is already keyword rich. If your domain is more generic or you are bidding on a wide variety of keyword phrases consider the following: add a “/keyword” at the end of your domain (example – crunchynow.com/online money)

4) Use Attention Grabbing Keywords in Your Ad Copy

Have you ever stood in the grocery line and quickly glanced over the magazine rack? Searchers scan over ads in a similar fashion and the use of attention grabbing keywords like “Free”, “Outstanding”, “Outrageous”, and “Limited Time Offer” can help draw in users.

5) Increase Your Ranking by Increasing Your Bids

Many users only pay attention to ads in the top half of the first page. Studies have also shown a precipitous decline in CTR for each incremental position. That said, one of the fastest ways to increase CTR is to increase your bids. Target a position in the top 5, but keep in mind that ultimately you should judge a keyword’s performance on conversion metrics – cost-per-action (CPA) and return-on-investment (ROI) and not solely on CTR.

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