5 reasons why people want their blogs/sites number 1 in Google

Many people spend a lot of money to these webmasters to see to that their website always remains on the number 1 spot while doing a Google search. Why? There are a number of reasons to exemplify why they want to keep their blogs and websites as the number 1 in Google.

Let us explore the top five of these most important reasons.

5 reasons why people want their blogs/sites number 1 in Google

1. Click through rates

It is has been identified from previous studies that it is possible to receive more clicks and visits from people. This is a natural human tendency that not many will be going beyond the first 30 websites to find the most relevant websites, which will give then the required information for a particular keyword search. If they are not able to do so they move onto another keyword search.

It is a human tendency to click on the first few websites, and being on the top of the Google search engine has provided many with the innovative advantage of receiving more clicks per website.

2. Many believe that the first website to be the most relevant website

While when people are doing a keyword search about a topic that they have nil knowledge, it has been noted that the customer tendency is naturally to click on the first website as the main core information containing website. This is the reason why Google is constantly working on bringing forward the most relevant websites to the forefront to give their customers a better and useful experience. This the reason why many try to write good quality contents and SEO optimize their webpages or blog posts to stand in the front.

3. Improves the exposure to your business or product

When you are on the top of the Google search the exposure that you will be receiving from a keyword based search is awesome. To get this privilege you need to optimize your website for SEO so that they always stay on the top, if not one at least in the first ten. This is one of the primary and must reason why we are continuously trying to update Digital Imagination along with Freebiesbuzz and Coders Guide. For this purpose you will be requiring to invest on webmasters or web maintenance companies who will work hard to bring your website to the top of the list and see that this does not change.

4. People will “hang around” your website

This is like providing internet access at no cost in a coffee shop, the reason behind this marketing strategy is that people tend to hang around the café for longer hours if they are going to have free internet access and the chances of having another extra cup of coffee is higher. Some of the other attractions that they use are Television and songs. This is much similar to getting your page to rank in Google keyword search to come to the top, as people tend to think this has more information that is more relevant and will be sending more time on your website or blog. Besides the fact being more people will tend to click the initial blogs that comes in the list more than the later ones. In short this increases readership as well page views.

5.The number one position increases your social media marketing

When your blog or web page comes first on a keyword search performed using Google, if you are in the number one position the chances of your blog posts being read is higher, and the chances of improving your social media marketing using your blog posts are higher.

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  1. Anil says:

    Very informative…everybody want to appear on top……which ultimately brings brand and money…

  2. Thessa says:

    Honestly this is the first time i heard the post and i am so glad that i found it is very useful.

  3. Yeah, when i search for anything, i myself believe that the first result is the most relevant websites.

  4. 1st postion in google is a dream for all who playing with SEO, But the changes in google algorithm make it as a hard task

  5. Mika Castro says:

    That is so true. Being number one in Google is very hard to reach. However, if you appear on the top, you are very blessed to be one and have the benefits of it.

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