5 Link Building Practices That Won’t Sink Your Site

Link building is one of the cornerstone steps of good SEO. For those not in the know, link building is basically the process of getting other sites to link back to your site. However, doing a “link exchange” is worthless in terms of SEO. Ideally, you want to have reputable sites citing your content on a one-way link.

This is an incredible way to boost SEO, but it comes with a cravat: it’s extraordinarily difficult to get sites to link to your site without resorting to sketchy means. Here is a collection of 5 different ways that you can build up your site through links with out violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

5 Link Building Practices That Won't Sink Your Site

Charity, anyone?

If you have friends or coworkers with sites, consider working out a deal. If you help them with a project or some other form of work (be it with a project proposal or even shoveling snow), consider asking them to repay the goodness of your heart with a link on their sites. Don’t let anybody tell you charity does no good!


Outsource your content

Are you a good writer, or do you have access to one? Don’t keep all of that excellent content on just your site. Consider writing PRs (press releases) and submitting them out to PR news sites. With each PR you release, you’ll get a link back to your site. There are many sites on the web that will accept your PRs for free, provided that you follow some content and formatting rules. Just make sure that the content of the PR is good!



Got any business contacts? Use them. If you’re a good negotiator, you’ll be able to strike deals regarding getting your link up on other sites.

Help out a reporter

Reporters have a certain number of articles they need to write a week, and they often don’t have time to write them all themselves. Consider going to a site like helpareporter to get information about how you can feed local reporters interesting stuff. Interesting stuff that obviously links back to your site. If you can strike up a relationship with a reporter in your area, all the better for you and your site!


Create a tutorial

Obviously, any tutorial that you create should have relevant keywords for whatever your site is about. If you can write a useful tutorial, you get a link from another site and potentially a lot of traffic. Writing tutorials is especially a good idea if you do anything related to web design. Many people turn to the Internet for information about this topic, and if you can get a hook in as one of the more trusted tutorials on a certain subject, you’ll be paid in spades through traffic that is piped to your site from the link on that page.

Many people end up resorting to sketchy “link building” sites where you pay a fee and your link gets scattered randomly across the Internet. Not only is this illegal in the game of SEO (which can lead to your site getting penalized), but it is also ineffective. In order for link building to be of maximum good, the sites that link to yours need to be relevant. Link building is not an easy process, nor a short one. But be sure to do the work necessary for it. You’ll be better off in the end!

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  1. sounds interesting. I was not aware about Press release.
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    Very useful tips especially to all newbies. I am new to this, so some of it seemed a bit over my head. All The Best!

  4. Atish says:

    creating tutorial is the best way of all. Love this article. thanks for sharing.

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