5 best Effective Link Building techniques for Bloggers Webmasters

For a website to be prosperous, one has to put more effort in popularizing the website and making it more visible to customers or visitors. Link exchange is a process that helps in increasing the visibility of a site compared to other techniques. There are different ways of improving business sites and must be followed if one desires to have better results.

5 best Effective Link Building techniques for Bloggers Webmasters
Directory submission

Directory submission is the first tip in link building. Always ensure to encourage the use of directory submissions. Enlisting a site in online directories is important. Business and classified directories including the RSS feed help a lot and will always bring customers or visitors to a site.

Link Exchange

One should properly exchange links with relevant sites. This is an important tip in link building. Most search engines have devalued the two way link. Using the three way link exchange is advantageous as search engines do not recognize it and one gets the same price as that of a one way link exchange. This is better because a one way link is tough. It will affect the page rank of the website.

Blog / Writing Articles

When one markets the contents of a website all over the web, he or she is bound to get good results. Writing articles about the website and publishing its article directories as well as great write ups will also help in attracting people to a website. Launching of new products or having press releases for changes in products also helps in advertising a site.

Effective Quality Commenting

One should also comment in blogs and forums where one can leave a link to his or her site. It is advisable to do this since the information is accessed by many people with same interests. Creating threads on some forums encourages people to want to know more about a website.

Social Networking

Creating profiles in different social sites allows one to spread their presence. Getting more social on the internet and attracting many people in social sites by sending invites or posting exciting blogs and comment will help in advertising your website. These tips help a lot in reducing the cost of paid advertisements and have great success when followed promptly.

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  1. Akshay Jain says:

    Can you tell me or give me list of the sites which can provide best Backlinks?

  2. Suhanesh says:

    Thanks for the tip bro):-

  3. Some basic tips on building links there, well a newbie will definitely benefit from this posit which explain link building in plain English. Good attempts.

    In all the techniques that you have explained above, commenting is simplest of all and one should use it also in building community around your blog niche. I have used it three four years back and it works great.

  4. Andy says:

    I find the 3rd, 4th and 5th ways to be quite effective based on my experience. For newbies, it’s best to try out all to build a foundation and then find the best avenue as you go along.

  5. James Adams says:

    What is a three way link exchange? Does that mean you and two other bloggers exchange links, one from the other?

  6. Guest blogging is also one way of to make your site visible via the internet and boosting your potential of getting more traffic to your blog.

  7. Shailesh says:

    Great Article. Nowadays, for long term guest posting is best way to generate some quality backlinks.

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