4 Tips to write the “About me” page for your blog

I would say writing an article for my blog is an easy job but writing the “About me” page is one of the most difficult jobs for everyone beyond any doubts. Well, why do you have to write an “About me” page, undoubtedly it should be there. I have seen few people writing some worst “About Me” pages which would definitely create a negative image on the blog for a new visitor.

Here are some ways to write the “About Me” page for your blog, I am sure you would come up with a good one if you follow all these

4 Tips to write the "About me" page for your blog

1. Start asking questions for writing the content:

You should first brain storm a few questions before you start writing the page. This means that you will be writing the “about me” page by writing answers to these questions. Some of the questions that you can ask for yourself while writing are,

a.        Who you are?

b.        What is your expertise and how this addresses you as a person?

c.        What is your goal and where are heading towards?

d.        How to get in touch with you (you need not necessarily disclose all your personal information)?

2. Your blogging experience and your trust area:

You need to let your readers and visitors of your page know more about your blogging life and not your personal and offline life. Tell them what type of stuffs that they can find in your blog, and what kind of blogger you are! Also, list out your successful experience as a blogger! What made you to start blogging and how this helped you in the end of life until today! In short, write few sentences about the inspirations and objectives of your blog. I have mentioned everything in my Medifast discounts and Nutrisystem coupons blog as I believe these things can increase your credibility as a blogger.

3. List Others:

This is the place where you can tell your readers about you, your non-blogging information like other personal interests, your photos and your inspirations. You can also list some of the other things like the achievements in your offline career, awards and your travel experiences. Do not forget to mention about your family.

4. Your contact information:

You do not have to give your entire personal information, rather a small report about your whereabouts and an email id for these visitors who would like to keep in touch with you. Never forget to give space for commenting as people would love to know more about you.

Everything in this world has something opposite, so does our “About Me” page, following are things that you should not mention in the “About Me” page:

  • Do not write your life history briefly, keep it crisp and concise.
  • You do not have to write more to let people know your strengths in the field of expertise of your blogging, allow your killer blog posts speak for you!
  • Do not allow ads in this page, this is must be a highly personalized page!

With all these tips in hand, don’t you think that you can write a great “about me” page? I think I can, so why not you? Cool features. Isn’t it? We are sure you liked it.  Try out now. Do share your experience here. Do share your comments. Subscribe us to our latest Email Subscription.

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  1. Rahul says:

    Thanks for your post

  2. Matthew says:

    Hi Rahul,

    I just read again your bio in the “About” page of your Medifast coupons and Nutrisystem discounts blog. I love it!

  3. Rohit Batra says:

    Nice Post Rahul..by this I think i should update my About Me page again…

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