4 Essential Productivity Tools for Budding Businesses

In business, productivity tools are must-haves. And the tools that provide the most value for money are the ones most businesses go with, given that cost containment where applicable is, in this economy, the way to hit it big. That said, consider the following 4 productivity tools that are either free or low-cost:

1. Bitrix24.com

A lot of companies, public or otherwise, have already made millions selling cloud-based CRMs and intranets. This is because they recognize the growing need for these productivity tools. Productivity and the ability to meet sharp deadlines are the lifeblood of a lot of businesses, and even small businesses are now taking advantage of the benefits these technological advancements bring to their tables.

A social enterprise platform that is free for companies with a total headcount of 12, Bitrix24.com aggregates several job tools in a single cloud-based solution, ranging from CRM, project management, calendar and activity planning, manpower monitoring, live activity streaming, corporate intranet, document uploading and file sharing, and a whole lot more. Cloud-based, Bitrix24 has mobile capability and is readily accessible 24/7 anywhere you are in the world. For larger companies with more than 12 team members, an upgrade to unlimited users can be availed at a nominal subscription fee of $99 per month.

4 Essential Productivity Tools for Budding Businesses

2. Comindware.com

As you are most probably aware, automation is not automation without reason. Automated teller machines, microwave ovens, conveyor systems, badge-activated doors, the vending machine in the school cafeteria – almost everything nowadays scream automatic. With automation, work is completed faster. Redundant staff positions are reduced, if not eliminated. Processes are streamlined and costs are contained. No wonder, businesses love automation.

Comindware is a web-based automation solution especially designed for cross-functional teams and workgroups. Comindware automates all of your workflow processes by combining work scattered across spreadsheets and e-mail inboxes, drastically reducing the number of hours wasted in limitless status meetings and updates. With Comindware Tracker, you have the power to automate your workflow process now and make alterations later, if warranted, without having to put current operations at a stand still. And with Workflow Builder, all you need to do is drag and drop items in your Comindware web-based hub and within minutes, your new workflow process should be ready for implementation.

To test the application’s effectiveness in your own unique work environment, you can try Comindware for free for 30 days. When you’re ready to make it part of your company’s operations, depending on the number of licenses your team needs, substantial discounts can be availed for bulk purchases.

3. JetRadar.com

If business travel is something you need to do on a regular basis, keeping your travel expenditures to a minimum is one winning move. One way to do this is by flying through low-cost carriers. Nowadays, however, due to the stiffening competition in the air travel realm, airlines are confining their best offers into their websites instead of price-comparison sites, forcing the frugal consumer to literally travel from one site to another to search, compare and ultimately find the best possible deal.

JetRadar.com is a metasearch engine that works as a fine-tooth comb sifting through 700+ websites and hundreds of travel sites for the cheapest airfare buys that are available only through airlines’ own corporate sites or websites they have collaborations with. JetRadar then makes the collected data readily accessible by the public at large in a centralized web location.

4. PickyDomains.com

There is something about unique that catches the eye. And this holds true for brand names, company names and website domains. If you’re a new webmaster, naturally, you want the best possible domain for your site. The problem these days, with millions of top-level domains peppering the online space, it can be quite a challenge to find the perfect domain – something that’s not only unique but catchy, easy-to-pronounce and something visitors won’t have trouble remembering. If you’re pressed for time, don’t have the patience or talent to come up with the domain yourself, you can always turn to branding agencies for assistance. They sure will love to do business with you provided you have thousands of dollars to spare for their services. Meanwhile you can also checkout Variety of the fastest laptops.

PickyDomains.com is a crowdsourcing and naming platform that has been helping individuals and small businesses with their branding/naming needs since 2007. The first of its kind, PickyDomains now has over 50,000 namer contributors from various regions registered with the site. To immediately start receiving naming proposals from this creative team, become a PickyDomains client by registering with the site, pay the required downpayment of $50 for a domain or brand name (slogans cost $75) and submit a detailed list of your naming requirements. In case none of the suggestions sent your way matches your needs, you walk away with a refund.

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  1. Nilay Patel says:

    Indeed all of four productivity tools are fantastic but among them i used Jetradar and it is also great for me. Although thanks for sharing other tools which is I don”t know about that so once again Thank you.

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