4 Awesome ways to make money from blogging

The question of how to make money blogging is asked by many bloggers and it is a hot issue nowadays. Blog are where one can share his/her ideas and can share his thoughts on different products, affairs, personalities etc.

Maintaining a blog is not that easy as one have to concentrate on different areas in order to make blog attractive. Well, there are number of different ways which can help you make money blogging.

4 Awesome ways to make money from blogging

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Some of basic strategies are discussed below:

Sell Space for Advertising

This is the most basic and oldest method of making money, which ahs been in use even before there were any blogs. Before blogs, different e-zines sites provide space on their sites to earn some extra money. Now you can do it exactly the same way by giving certain amount of space on your blogs for advertisement of different things such as: sponsors add, banner ads, classifieds, solo ads etc. placing Google Adsense in your blog is another way to earn some extra cash.

Making money via technical services

Another more technical way of making money through your blogs is to provide certain technical assistance via your blogs. You can always help other people making their blogs or you can provide Blog Hosting service of your own charging the client a monthly fee.

Make Money via joint venture

Joint venture is an excellent marketing strategy that is used by top guns of online marketing. Basically it is very simple to work in joint venture, all you have to do is to promote your partner’s products and customer list on your blog and alternatively you will be given a share in the sales of products you promoted in your blogs.

Make money via membership

Well, this is not the step that any blogger can use, as this will require high traffic and readership of your blog. It goes simply like this, if you are having a great traffic and audience of your blog then you can simply put a charge for accessing the blog. This will certainly give you substantial money earning via your blog.

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  2. Good article about blogging I liked how you explained about the different ways to earn money online through blogging.

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